Paddling Tuition

As Australian Canoeing qualified Instructors, Cindy and John have undergone extensive training and assessment to ensure not only the knowledge of paddling skills but also in the ability to impart the knowledge and techniques to others. As the peak National body, Australian Canoeing follow up instructors and reassess their credentials on a regular basis. In order to maintain qualifications, guides and instructors must have recent relevant experience, keep updated on current techniques and industry best practice and hold current first aid qualifications.

We hold Australian Canoeing awarded qualifications to teach skills in kayak and canoe in flatwater or white water and sea kayaking and have been engaged in instruction and tour leading in a variety of roles and situations including regular instruction for canoe club members, guiding tour groups in commercial operations, guiding school groups in flat and white water environments, facilitation of Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme expeditions, instruction and assessment of Sport and Recreation and Department of Education Staff and private paddling tuition.

With water sport participation on the increase in Australia, we are keen to see people take to the water with appropriate skills to enable them to have many years of safe, enjoyable paddling. We have often had people who have been paddling for many years take part in our courses and comment on how much they learnt, and how much more they didn’t know there was to learn. We can always improve our skills and it is rare to meet a paddler from whom you can’t learn something!

With our training and practical experience we can assist you to:
• Choose the best boat and equipment for your needs.
• Choose paddling sites appropriate to your gear and skill levels, interpreting charts and maps.
• Read and understand weather and tide forecasts and their potential impact on your trip.
• Know the rules of the waterways.
• Know what you need to take for your planned trip.
• Select the right clothing and protection from the elements.
• Learn how to safely enter and exit your boat.
• Learn paddling technique to gain competence in boat control and use the most efficient stroke techniques with minimum effort and risk of injury.
• Turn your boat as well as move forward, backward and sideways.
• Stop in an emergency or to avoid a collision.
• Know what to do in the event of a capsize to help yourself and others.
• Plan multi-day paddling tours.
• Sharpen up your skills prior to kayaking expeditions in Antarctica or the Arctic, including how to enter end exit the kayak from a zodiac.

Whether you are a novice, experienced paddler or returning to the sport after time away, we can structure instruction to suit you.
Private or small group lessons can be arranged.
Learn using your own gear or let us provide it for you.
Learn at a site that suits you and your specific training requirements to gain the most benefit

Contact us and let us help you get the most enjoyment from your paddling!